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Chinese spacecraft landed on the dark side of the moon

A probe launched by China in early May has landed on the dark side of the Moon to collect samples, a development that marks a new milestone in the progress of the country's ambitious space program, which is trying to reach the two countries with a dominant position in the field. . The Chang'e 6 probe, which lifted off from the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the tropical island of Hainan (south), touched down in the vast South Pole-Aitken Basin, one of the largest known impact craters in our solar system system, China News reported, citing the Chinese space agency. The 53-day mission, which began on May 3, is expected to allow, according to the official Chinese news agency, to collect samples from the dark side of the Moon, an area of ​​the Earth's satellite that is rarely explored, for the first time. The probe will attempt to collect lunar material and conduct experiments in the landing zone. For this, the vessel will use a drill to […]
Source: News Beast

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