Chr. Staikouras: Greece turned the page – The Eurogroup decision for Greece is historic

Chr. Staikouras: Greece turned the page – The Eurogroup decision for Greece is historic

The Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, characterizes yesterday’s decision of the Eurogroup for the exit of Greece from the status of the Enhanced Supervision as historic, making special reference to the positive statements of the European officials for this development.

“Yesterday, in Luxembourg, a historic decision was made for Greece. The Eurogroup decided to launch our country’s exit from the Enhanced Supervision regime. The decision was accompanied by positive judgments of the collective body and those responsible for Greece. which honor the efforts, primarily, of the Greeks “, the Minister of Finance typically states.

Indicatively, the announcement of the Eurogroup, which accompanies the decision, states: “The Finance Ministers welcomed the intention of the European Commission not to extend the Enhanced Supervision, after its expiration on 20 August 2022. This, in combination with the previous abolition of capital capital controls and the full repayment of IMF loans, will restore normalcy in Greece, for the first time since 2010 “.

The President of the Eurogroup, Mr. Paschal Donohoe, in his speech, said: “Given the progress made by the Minister of Finance Mr. Staikouras, the Greek Government and the Greek people, we welcomed today the intention of the European Commission not to extend the This is a very important achievement for the Greek Government and the people of Greece, another clear signal of a return to normalcy for the Greek economy and of the continuing progress that has been made in economic policy since 2010, and in particular under present Greek Government ”.

European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni told the meeting that this was a “historic decision” and added in a press conference: supervision (…). Let me congratulate the Minister of Finance Mr. Staikouras and Greece for this achievement “.

Finally, ESM Executive Director Klaus Regling said: “Greece has achieved an important milestone (…) today. Today, we see very strong progress in the reforms (…). “And the goal is the right one – to obtain an investment grade, because that will reflect the progress of the Greek economy, which will continue.”

“Consequently”, concludes Mr. Staikouras, “yesterday, Greece closed a difficult chapter, which had opened in 2010. Turn the page! After 12 years, Greece returns to European normalcy. It ceases to be an exception in the Eurozone. This result is the fruit of the intensive and methodical work of the Ministry of Finance, of the members of the Government, with the contribution of the General Secretariat of Coordination, under the guidance of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Above all, however, it is the result of patience, perseverance, great endurance and the long-term sacrifices of Greek society. All together, citizens and the state, we have shown that we can achieve important national goals. “Greece is developing, upgrading, strengthening, in all fields!”.

Source: Capital