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Chr. Staikouras: The suspension of ENFIA’s statements until tomorrow Tuesday – Tax reduced by 380 million euros this year

The wealth of individuals from their real estate increased by 94 billion euros this year compared to 2021, after the adjustment of objective values, and amounted to 577 billion euros.

However, as stated by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras (speaking on the radio station “SKAI”), ENFIA – whose statements are expected to be posted by tomorrow – will be reduced by 380 million euros this year. In particular, a total tax of 2.3 billion euros is confirmed from 2.65 billion euros last year, with individuals being required to pay 1.78 billion euros from 2.2 billion euros last year. According to the minister, eight out of ten property owners will pay a lower tax, for 13% ENFIA will be unchanged, while for 7-8% the tax will be increased.

Asked about the course of the economy, he said that “the economy is moving well (he spoke of strong growth of 3.1%), with a huge problem, however, the increase in costs in everyday life and the burden of disposable income of households.” He described inflation as the big problem this year, which is projected to reach 5.6% at average levels. While, on whether there is the possibility of taking additional support measures, he reiterated that “with the current data we are currently exhausting the fiscal space for 2022”.

Finally, he said that the Greek side will submit to the Eurogroup on June 16 the request for exit from the enhanced supervision, which is expected to take place in August.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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