Chr. Staikouras: Within the week the additional budget of 2 billion euros

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The additional budget of 2 billion euros will be submitted by the Ministry of Finance within the week, in order to continue the support to households and businesses. On the one hand, by implementing the additional measures that were recently announced, and on the other hand, by keeping “supplies” for later, since today no one – at a pan-European level – can safely predict the extent of the problem and its impact on the economy.

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This is pointed out by the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, in a statement to APE-MPE, as, as he adds, we listen to the society and “fully feel the need of our compatriots for further support, since the crisis is still very intense”.

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This additional package of measures (to date the measures are close to 4 billion euros) that has been announced, aims, as Mr. Staikouras states, to reduce, as much as possible, the pressures on family budgets, mainly of the weaker income strata.

In this context:

-In April 21, income support of 200 euros will be given to the most vulnerable citizens, such as low-income retirees and beneficiaries of the minimum guaranteed income,

-The additional support of households and businesses to the electricity bills is launched within April.

-The platform will operate to support the cost of fuel to car and motorcycle owners.

-The primary sector of the economy will be further supported, in order, among others, to reduce costs in fertilizers, fuels, etc. of farmers.

– There will be the second increase in the minimum wage from May 1, with the consultations between the involved bodies being in full swing.

Regarding possible other measures, which will be taken depending on the intensity and extent of the crisis, such as e.g. With the reduction of VAT on some basic goods and for a certain period of time, the Prime Minister asked Thessaloniki yesterday “to be careful when talking about possible new measures that may come, let us first launch the measures we have voted on. I assure you that with the financial staff we always make sure that there are reserves in case this crisis lasts longer than what we expect “.

Mr. Staikouras describes the crisis, which continues to be experienced by the whole planet, as “a severe geopolitical crisis, with loss of human lives and massive waves of migration, which causes very strong inflationary trends and” gnaws “the disposable income of the citizens” . In this context, the financial staff monitors on a daily basis the effects on growth, inflation, disposable household income and business costs, in order to have additional interventions when and where needed.

For this reason, as the Minister of Finance emphasizes in APE-MPE, “vigilance, determination and prudent management of the available financial resources” are required. He adds that “this is how we proceed with realism, insight, and prudence in the budgetary field, responding to today’s challenges, without undermining the future of the economy and society.”

Source: Capital

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