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Chris Martin and the intermittent fasting diet: “I skip dinner, Bruce Springsteen taught me that”

The first to declare skipping dinner was Fiorello. The showman has told in the past of keeping fit thanks to the food scheme proposed by the German nutritionist Dieter Grabbe in its text Dinner-Cancelling (No Dinner!)a type of intermittent fasting that helps you lose body fat and has many health benefits.

Now, too Chris Martin he said he changed his diet, to adopt the same food pattern, inspired by his friend Bruce Springsteen. Guest in recent days of the podcast of Conan O’Brienthe Coldplay frontman has in fact confided: «I don’t have dinner anymore, I stop eating at 4 in the afternoon. I learned this while having lunch with Bruce Springsteen».

The 46-year-old English artist then explained: «I love Bruce and Patti, his wife. I was lucky enough to have lunch with them last year, the day after playing Philly. I was still on a strict diet, but I said to myself: “Bruce looks much fitter than me”».

Patti Scialfa, Springsteen’s wife of more than 30 years, then confided in Chris that Springsteen ate only one meal a day, something that immediately inspired Martin: «I thought: Here we are, this will be my next challenge!».

But what does dinner cancellation consist of?

And why is it so interesting for artists and not only? Here are 8 strengths of this form of intermittent fasting:

1.The dinner cancellation it is a very valid approach because it satisfies a food style close to our nature and our nutritional circadian rhythm, for which one should not eat in the evening.

2This form of fasting respects the intestinal physiological circadian rhythms: the intestine is active during the day after 8.30-9 and is active throughout the day, but the gastro-intestinal function decreases towards evening.

3.The dinner cancellation falls within the scheme of the so-called THREE – Time Restricted Eating, or eating in a small window of time during the day. Skipping dinner, unlike, for example, breakfast, aligns us better with the physiological circadian rhythm of our body.

4Even those who practice physical activity can skip the evening meal: if the protein and energy intake during the day is sufficient and adequate for the physical activity practiced, this will benefit.

5. Skipping the evening meal increases concentration and energy, stimulates weight and body fat loss, reduces blood pressure, glycemic and cholesterol values, increases insulin sensitivity, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, reduces aging processes and inflammation, improves the quality of sleep.

6The weight loss obtained with intermittent fasting lasts longer, in a persistent and healthy way. Obviously, in the phases of eating, it is important to avoid large quantities of junk food.

7There is no need to count the calories consumed during the day, as fears that fasting could lead to overeating are not founded.

8Periodically observing fasting is one of the oldest healing traditions in the history of mankind.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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