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Chris Rock breaks the silence on Will Smith and confirms himself as the smartest of all

As Will Smith flies to India to meet a guru in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate his public image after Chris Rock’s shameful slap in the face at the Oscars ceremony, the one that saw him clutching the statuette for Best Actor for A winning family – King Richard, the comedian enjoys his golden age without too many compliments. Although Jada Pinkett Smith’s joke about alopecia was not funny and was somewhat free, Rock managed to win the sympathy of the public and the international press especially for the savoir faire which he demonstrated on the stage of the Dolby Theater, where many would have lost their temper by letting themselves go to a much more disordered and unpredictable reaction.


Now, after the sold out recorded with his tour around America and after having glossed over the matter by explaining that he would not have talked about Will Smith “until I am paid”, Chris Rock returns to the subject by inaugurating his show in Baltimore like this: “I am fine. I am fine. Healed of cuts and bruises … For the most part. ‘ To report the news was the journalist of WJZ-TV Annie Rose Ramos, who also explained that Rock did not insist further on the Smith affair over the course of the evening. It is clear, in fact, that Chris Rock wants to go on avoiding fueling the controversy, but also demonstrating a not bad cunning.


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Justice on his behalf is already unleashing Hollywood, as the Academy has decided to ban Will Smith for ten years from the ceremony and two projects that would have seen him protagonist – Bright 2 And Bad Boys 4 – have been paused waiting to figure out how to move. And while rumors of a possible crisis with his wife Jada Pinkett, the victim of Rock’s joke, are also running around, Chris continues to be smarter than everyone, given that, by choosing not to rant about what happened, he is increasingly adopting the semblance of the martyr, a figure that Hollywood always looks at with a mixture of reverence and respect.

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