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Christian Estrada apologizes to Ferka and breaks the silence about his arrest

After the arrest of Christian Estrada, ex-partner of actress María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as Ferka, for taking her son away using violence on November 30, the model was released after a judge ruled that her detention was illegal.

On November 26, after Christian, with the help of two alleged lawyers, took the son he has with Ferka from a mall in Mexico City, the actress from lady steel filed a complaint against him. In addition, he exhibited it on his social networks.

Christian Estrada carrying his son Leonel in the company of Ferka

However, despite the fact that the former participant of Warriors and their companions were detained for 48 hours and were transferred to one of the prisons in the capital of the country, the three were released after a hearing, a control judge determined that their detention was arbitrary.

Later, through his official Instagram account, the model reappeared to apologize to Ferka, which he accompanied with the legal document proving his freedom, as well as a snapshot in which he appears with his son Leonel.

Post by Christian Estrada after his release

I tell you. He did not involve me in any process nor was any damage attributed to a third party, because there is not, nor has there been. My only objective is and will continue to be a healthy coexistence with my youngest son, based on respect, the rights and obligations of the parties. I do not hold grudges or reserve illegal actions for anyone.

In addition, Christian Estrada took the opportunity to deny that he had illegally taken his son, assuring that he would not do anything outside the law and that there is currently no legal process against him. However, he soon after deleted the part of the message in which he apologized to the actress.

Christian Estrada and Ferka posing together as a couple

I offer an apology to all the women who may have been offended, including the mother of my son, by this bad time.

After the judge’s ruling, in an interview for the media at the end of the hearing, Ferka confessed that she felt “terrified” because her ex-partner could come back to look for her, since he knows where she lives and what places she goes with her son.

Christian Estrada carrying his son Leonel in the company of Ferka

There was no arrest. We are going to continue with the investigation because flagrante delicto was not carried out. I, the truth, am angry and heartfelt because justice, beyond the arrest and the acts they did, is that they are not seeing the fear that I have of going out into the street.

Finally, the member of The stars dance in Hoy He added that he also fears that Christian Estrada will leave the country, since he has dual nationality, Mexican and American.

Source: Okchicas

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