Christmas gifts: make a gesture of love!

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a present can do good for the heart, and this always not only a Christmas. But it can also do well on the practical side: donating help to support some less fortunate realities or realities that are spent in favor of others more disadvantaged that go forward also thanks to the donations of all of us.

This Christmas – the second in the Covid era – sees realities of discomfort emerge even where it was not thought there might be any: poverty, abandonment, malnutrition, lack of care, disease are unfortunately still and more and more among us.

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How can we do to try to lend a hand, to be useful? We can think of gifts, choosing them from those benefits, among those we know will donate funds, but also smiles and hopes.

Which? We suggest some of them below, browse our gallery and let’s all make it a really Merry Christmas if not for everyone, for many.

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