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Christmas: here is the King Charles tree

How will be the first Christmas of King Charles III? The tradition, so far, is safe: as always, Windsor Castle has announced the annual exhibition of Christmas decorations, from 24 November to 2 January 2023, which includes visits for adults and festival activities for children. The gigantic Christmas tree is more than six meters high, is located in St. George’s Hall and requires, as usual, the preparation by many members of the staff (with hundreds of ornaments). A sustainable choice on the part of the British royal family because he grew up just a few steps from the house, in Windsor Great Park.

In case anyone was wondering, no, it’s not the only tree to brighten the holidays in Windsor because there is also another one in the Crimson Drawing Room, which is part of the visitor route. The rest of the building is very rich in decorations, such as the Waterloo Chamber which for the occasion also features an exhibition of Christmas-themed objects from the Royal Collection on the central table of the room.

Some days, however, have a more festive flavor: on the 8th, 9th and 12th there will be traditional Christmas carols under the tree in St. George’s Hallwhere the wedding reception of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place and where the world met their firstborn Archie who is now three years old.

The first time there is news of a tree set up in the Queen’s Lodge is when George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte (yes, the royal couple of Bridgerton) He hosted in 1800 a party right in the castle, as his biographer John Watkins reports in detail. At the time it was by no means a widespread use among the subjects, so in fact the royals launched a real tradition of celebrations which is still strictly respected today, as well as having spread overseas after more than half a century (France in the meantime adopted only after 1870).

Meanwhile the Scottish residence of the sovereign Holywoodhouse opens its doors to the public for private tours during the holidays, from 2 to 30 December on certain days of the month, which include a visit to the West Drawing Room, used by members of the royal family as a private sitting room. The four and a half meter tree stands in the Royal Dining Room which is decorated for the occasion with a precious silver service from the Royal Collection prominently displayed on the table in the room, a tribute to King George V and Queen Mary in 1935 , for their silver jubilee.

The first Christmas on the throne of King Charles III begins to take on the appearance of a real celebration, despite the understandable sadness for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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