Christopher Walken has destroyed a well-known work by Banksy for a new BBC series

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Well-known actor Christopher Walken destroyed an original work of art Banksy worth 10 10 million passing paint over him during a scene for his new TV series.

The text contains spoliers!

The 78-year-old Hollywood actor erased the piece of the secretive artist while cleaning graffiti in the streets while filming the comedy-drama show of The Outlaws in Bristol.

The anonymous street artist Banksy, who hails from Bristol, is said to have painted the image of a rat with two sprays and his name specifically for his series. BBC taking place in his hometown. However, without initially confirming that the mysterious artist and the show’s bosses allegedly collaborated on the stage painting.

Banksy helped with the shooting but had a condition

A spokesman for The Outlaws confirmed: “We can confirm that the artwork at the end of the series was an authentic Banksy and that Christopher Walken painted over the artwork during the filming of this scene, eventually destroying it.”

However, it was later revealed that the vandalism of the work of art had been agreed in advance by Banksy, who is said to be a big fan of the Hollywood legend.

A source told the Sun: “The creative team thought of the dream script and contacted the artist’s representatives with the vague hope that it could help them.

They then discovered that he had gone to the location where they were shooting the last scene and left something behind. “They could not believe their luck as he had painted a giant rat using his stencil technique and his characteristic signature.”

They added: “His only condition was that they would really step on his work and it would be Walken who would hold the brush that would do it.”

The six-episode dramatic comedy follows a group of scoundrels renovating an abandoned community center in Bristol as part of social work for various crimes they have committed.

Walken plays Frank in the show created by Stephen Merchant, with the character completing his social service by painting over graffiti in the last episode of the series.

As soon as he finds the work of art, Frank asks the police officer, Diane (played by Jessica Gunning) if he should paint it. However, Diane is distracted and does not see the work of art, telling Frank that all graffiti should be painted, with Frank doing what he was told.

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