Chrome has learned to partially translate pages. Other browsers have been able to do this for a long time.

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Shortly after Google released the Chrome browser in 2008, the search giant integrated its own translation service into it. Users could translate web pages into another language using the specified options, and the corresponding icon would automatically appear in the address bar. In the meantime, other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox could only have this capability through a special browser extension.

The built-in translator has been an integral part of Chrome for a long time, but for some reason Google did not improve this feature in any way. In recent years, competitors have begun to actively develop their own translation tools. For example, Microsoft Edge now uses Microsoft Translator. Moreover, last year the software giant introduced support for the translation of selected text, along with the translation of the entire web page. To do this, just select the text, then right-click on it and select “translate selection to …” from the menu.

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Reddit user Leopeva64-2 discovered that Google is also planning to add a partial translation feature to Chrome. Chrome users will be able to translate selected text in a similar way to Edge, but the text itself will be displayed in a pop-up window. Currently, the feature is only available in the context menu for some users, and the developers are still working on adding the missing code snippets to Chrome to enable full translation functionality in the browser.

By the way, Microsoft Edge is not the only browser that offers translation of selected text on the page. Last year, Vivaldi introduced privacy-enhancing partial translation support. Mozilla is also working on a similar feature. Firefox users can already install a preview version of the translator in the browser, but its capabilities are still very limited.

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Source: Trash Box

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