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Chrome will stop supporting ad blockers from 2023. All existing

Chrome will stop supporting ad blockers from 2023. All existing

Internet users have stumbled upon a Google document for developers, which indicates the indirect end of support for ad blockers in Chrome as early as January 2023. The corresponding post on Reddit has already collected more than 75 thousand likes just 17 hours after publication.

The official documentation indicates that at the beginning of next year, all extensions built on the basis of Manifest V2 will stop working in Chrome – instead, only Manifest V3 will be available. To put it very simply, Manifest is the platform on which browser extensions are built and which allows them to use certain browser features. According to DiarioElSolDigital, all current ad blockers are based on Manifest V2.

Back in early 2019, Raymond Hill, the creator of one of the most popular ad blockers in the face of uBlock Origin, expressed concern about the changes in Manifest V3. Then he emphasized that in the new “platform” for extensions, instead of the webRequest API, the declarativeNetRequest API is used – it greatly restricts content filtering, although it uses the basic syntax standard for blockers. Then he emphasized that with Manifest V3, extensions simply would not be able to intercept network requests.

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