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‘Cinderella’ will have a new live-action movie but it will be horror

The characters of classic Disney tales have evolved from generation to generation and the adaptation of their films to the real version has changed our way of seeing them and how we remember them in our childhood, well, whether they maintain the same plot with actors in real life or modify the story a bit, its transformation to live action It shows us a different perspective of the plot and its characters.

To give a different touch to live action adaptations, in addition to transforming animated films with real actors and actresses, some producers have added a touch of gore, showing a bloody and terrifying version of the characters we remember from our childhood.

Image of the actress who gave life to Cinderella in the Live Action version

Recently, it was revealed that Cinderella will have a new version movie live actionbut, this time, it will have a completely different twist, since it will be horror and will show its most gory version.

According to the information shared by the media bloody disgustingsaid production titled Cinderella’s Curse It will be helmed by ChampDog Films and will begin filming in June in the UK. The film will be produced and directed by Louisa Warren and is expected to premiere in October 2023.

Cinderella coming out of a pumpkin in a terrifying version

This is an incredibly unique twist on the Cinderella that we all know and love. She will have some truly horrible deaths at her hands.

–Louisa Warren

With a script written by Harry Boxley, known for being one of the protagonists and writers of the horror version of Mary Had a Little Lamb, by Jason Arber, details about the plot are still unknown, although, according to what the producer said, the protagonist will have her hands full of blood from the deaths she will collect in her path in this terrifying and bloody version.

terrifying foot of a woman about to put it in a glass slipper

As part of the cast of Cinderella’s Curse, Actress Kelly Ryan Sanson is expected to star in the title role, as well as Chrissie Wunna and athlete Danielle Scott. However, although it is not yet a fact that they are part of the tape, their names are the first that have been mentioned so far.

It should be noted that this will not be the first Disney classic to have an adaptation in the horror genre in the cinema. In March, the film was released Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honeya movie that showed us the bloodiest version of the beloved bear from the production house of Mickey Mouse.

Source: Okchicas

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