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Cindy Crawford reveals that giving expensive gifts to family members is “complicated”

Actress and model Cindy Crawford revealed that he was already earning more money than his own parents at the age of 18 and that giving gifts to the family when you have a lot of money is complicated.

In a podcast interview Kelly Corrigan Wonders: About Your Mother, she quickly gained a prominent place in the Chicago fashion scene, where she started. Crawford, now 58, began her modeling career as a teenager.

“I started modeling in Chicago, and it’s [como] a small lake, so I quickly became a big fish. I started making more money than my parents made, more than they could have ever dreamed of making,” she confessed.

Despite her fortune, the model explained that to this day she avoids buying extravagant gifts for her sisters, Chris and Danielle. Still during the interview, Crawford said that having a lot of money makes it difficult to give gifts to family members.

“If I present my sister with a better ring than what her husband can offer or something like that, that could create a strange situation,” he said. I always preferred to provide experiences and help them if they needed a deposit for a house or something.”

“My sisters were amazing because they always paid me back. However, being in this privileged financial position, where you have the power to offer a lot, is complicated,” she reflected.

Source: CNN Brasil

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