Círculo Cívico de Opinión asks the PSOE and PP for consensus in the face of the crisis and the attempts to “blow up” the 1978 system

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The Civic Circle of Opinion claims “an urgent consensus” of the PSOE and the PP To end the crisis derived from the Covid pandemic, make European funds a “matter of state” and renew the pending constitutional bodies, such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). The platform claims that unity of action in the face of attempts to “dynamite” the constitutional system and given the interferences that it attributes to United We Can, putting even democracy in doubt.

This is reflected in the document ‘Spain in a State of Alarm: Problems and Proposals’ drawn up by this civic forum that includes professionals from the most diverse fields, including the former socialist minister Trinidad Jiménez; the former director of the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC) with the PP Benigno Pendás; the jurist and one of the founders of Ciudadanos Francesc de Carreras; the former ambassador of Spain to the United States Javier Rupà © rez; or the journalists Fernando González Urbaneja and Josà © Antonio Zarzalejos.

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In this document, collected by Europa Press, the signatories warn of the need to make “urgent, difficult and courageous” decisions to face “one of the greatest crises” that Spain has been going through in recent decades, and they believe that the absence of elections in the next two years should favor the creation of “a new climate of understanding”, and not increasing the current “polarization”.

They consider that the tasks to be tackled should not be restricted to restoring the production model, overcoming new social gaps or effectively combating the pandemic, but rather that institutions should be “strengthened” against the “deterioration” of democracy and to seek “a new political consensus” that allows reaching higher levels of democratic quality.

They try to “dynamite” the constitutional system

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At this point, they criticize that this crisis is being used to try to “dynamite” the constitutional system, which until now enjoyed a “remarkable” consensus, and they question, in particular, as “paradoxical” that the parties that currently allow governance – among those cited by United Podemos, ERC and Bildu – do not believe “in the rules or in the State model “.

The aforementioned civic forum regrets that the management of Covid has not served to redeem the tension and undertake cooperation policies, but to increase the “tensions” within the Government between the PSOE and United We Can and its “dispute” with the autonomous communities.

Singularly they criticize the “continuous interference”of the vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, in the governmental work which, in his opinion, has contributed to” blur “the leadership of President Pedro Sánchez himself, but also the lack of leadership in the opposition, where they consider that there are “too many voices and excessively squeaky and out of tune”.

Your document also warns of the importance that the 140,000 million euros that Spain expects to receive from the European Recovery and Resilience Fund become “a unique opportunity”to boost the economy and, for this, they call for turning these funds into” a genuine matter of State “, also involving the autonomous communities.

The Government has more opposition within than without

In his opinion, taking advantage of this exceptional occasion will force “a management effort that, they warn, may be complicated due to the” management deficit “in the Government,”who finds more opposition within him than outside”on crucial matters, and his refusal to create a commission of independent experts of the highest level.

In this context, the Civic Circle of Opinion calls for a “broad” agreement between the main political forces, especially the PSOE and the PP, to reaffirm the legitimacy of the institutions and defend the constitutional order, and, as a first step, an agreement is urgently needed for pending renewals in constitutional bodies, such as the CGPJ or the Constitutional Court, as well as public entities, including RTVE.

They also advocate for an urgent reform of the autonomous State before the “too many” shortcomings of the collaborative, coordinated and cooperative relationships that ensure that it has been evidenced with the management of the pandemic.

This civic organization concludes by warning that nothing that they suggest can be carried out if the democratic foundations of the State are “put into question” from within the government or if the “condescension towards populisms”of one sign or another.

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