Cities in East China tighten restrictions against Covid-19

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Cities in eastern China tightened restrictions on Covid-19 on Sunday after new groups of people infected with the coronavirus emerged, posing a new threat to China’s economic recovery under the government’s strict Covid zero policy.

Wuxi, a manufacturing hub in the Yangtze River Delta on the central coast, has stopped operations in many public places, including stores and supermarkets. Restaurant meal services have been suspended and the government has advised people to work from home.

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City officials have urged residents not to leave Wuxi unless necessary, after 42 new asymptomatic cases were reported on Saturday.

China continues to try to eliminate new infections as part of the rigorous approach taken in the country where the coronavirus was first detected in late 2019. But lockdowns and other measures have taken a heavy toll on the world’s second-largest economy.

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Si County in Anhui Province has put its 760,000 residents in lockdown and suspended public traffic, after recording 288 cases on Saturday. Anhui was responsible for the majority of new infections in China, reporting 61 symptomatic and 231 asymptomatic cases on Saturday.

Mainland China has reported 473 new cases of Covid-19, of which 104 are symptomatic and 369 are asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Sunday. That compares with 268 new cases the day before – 72 symptomatic infections and 196 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.

Yiwu, China’s small commodity export capital, has canceled flights to the capital Beijing for an unspecified period, state TV said, citing virus prevention measures. Yiwu reported three cases of Covid last week.

Shanghai, China’s most populous financial hub, reported a case of the coronavirus outside the city’s quarantine areas, officials said at a news conference.

Source: CNN Brasil

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