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Cities in RS facing calamity will receive humanitarian aid from the federal government, secretary tells CNN

The National Secretary for Civil Protection and Defense, Wolnei Wolff Barreiros, told CNN this Friday (8), that cities in Rio Grande do Sul experiencing calamity will receive humanitarian aid from the federal government.

On Thursday (7), the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development (MIDR), the department that houses the secretariat, recognized a state of public calamity in 79 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. The number of deaths in the state rose to 41, according to the latest bulletin released.

The region was hit by heavy rains caused by the passage of an extratropical cyclone that caused floods, fallen trees, collapsed houses and broken bridges.

“The mayor will receive support from the Federal Government through resources to purchase basic food baskets, food kits, cleaning kits, mattresses. We can support with fuel, with car rental for this first direct action to the population”, reported the secretary.

Wolnei further explained that the recognition of the state of public calamity is what triggers the release of resources to municipalities. In addition to humanitarian aid, emergency plans are also being drawn up for the reconstruction of affected cities.

“In a second moment, which starts to happen when the waters start to recede, city halls need resources to carry out rough cleaning, unblock roads, drainage channels, drainage pipes, repair the paving that was destroyed. To do this, we guide the city councils and develop the reestablishment plan with them,” he said.

According to the ministry, teams from the National Civil Defense have been in Rio Grande do Sul since Monday (4), providing support to the city halls of the affected cities in preparing requests for recognition of an emergency situation and the transfer of resources for humanitarian assistance and restoration. of essential services.

The cities that had the state of calamity recognized are:

  • Holy Water;
  • André da Rocha;
  • Arroio do Meio;
  • Bento Gonçalves;
  • Boa Vista das Missões;
  • Boa Vista do Buricá;
  • Good Jesus;
  • Bom Retiro do Sul;
  • South Waterfall;
  • Cachoeirinha;
  • Camargo;
  • Campestre da Serra;
  • Candelaria;
  • Carlos Barbosa;
  • Shell;
  • Caxias do Sul;
  • Chapada; Charqueadas;
  • Cyriac;
  • Hills;
  • Southern coconut trees;
  • Cotiporan;
  • Coxilha;
  • High Cross;
  • Southern Cross;
  • David Canabarro;
  • Charmed;
  • Erechim;
  • Foamy;
  • Station;
  • Star;
  • Eugene de Castro;
  • Farroupilha;
  • Getulio Vargas;
  • Ibiraiaras;
  • Immigrants;
  • Ipê;
  • Itapuca;
  • Jacuizinho;
  • Jaguarí;
  • Pond;
  • Paved;
  • Lajeado do Bugre;
  • Castilian bush;
  • Marau, Montauri;
  • Montenegro;
  • Muslim;
  • Multiliterate;
  • Nova Araçá;
  • Nova Bassano;
  • New South Rome;
  • New Hamburg;
  • Palm trees of the Missions;
  • Panambi;
  • Paraí;
  • Deep step;
  • Protasio Alves;
  • Rock Sales;
  • Holy Family;
  • Santa Maria;
  • Santa Teresa;
  • Santo Angelo;
  • Santo Antônio do Palma;
  • Saint Christ;
  • Santo Expedito do Sul;
  • São Domingos do Sul;
  • Saint Jerome;
  • Saint George;
  • Saint Nicholas;
  • São Sebastião do Caí;
  • Sapiranga;
  • Sarandi;
  • New Headquarters;
  • Serafina Corrêa;
  • hinterland;
  • Taquari;
  • Vacancy;
  • Vanini.

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Interview produced by Renata Souza

Source: CNN Brasil

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