Citizenship Income, from February only to those who obtain the green pass

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In the troubled life of the Citizenship Income, a chapter is added that presumably will lead to many surprises. Two recent government regulations, in fact, will have the effect of guaranteeing this form of income support only to those in possession of a green pass.

On the one hand there is the Budget Law, which provides that there is a monthly attendance of employment centers by those who can work and who hope to keep the Citizenship Income. You must go to one of the state offices that host the centers in person each month to interview to identify future employment opportunities. Here, but it is precisely public offices, to access which, according to the decree-law of 7 January 2022, it is now essential to present the green pass. The strengthened one is not essential, but the basic one is enough: to obtain it, as we now well know, a negative swab is sufficient.

Citizenship income recipients, starting from 1 February 2022, the date on which the measures of the decree-law at the beginning of the year come into force, must therefore necessarily undergo at least one antigenic swab per month if they want to take part in the interviews that guarantee the right to financial support. According to some estimates, about 10% of those who receive citizenship income would not have a reinforced green pass; in short, he would not be vaccinated or cured of the infection. And since at the end of September 2021 the recipients of support who could get a job were about 1.1 million, according to data from the National Agency for Active Labor Policies, there are about 100 thousand citizens who will have to choose whether – if they can – get vaccinated. or take a tampon a month.

I checks they will be entrusted to the workers of the employment centers, whose resources we know are not massive. The risk is to further slow down the activities of these public offices which must not only think about the possible occupations of the million Italians who receive the Citizenship Income and who can aspire to a job.

The RdC in the pandemic period, against a monthly cost of approx 700 million euros (public money, that is, of all of us), has saved a substantial number of Italians from absolute poverty, but also giving rise to phenomena of impropriety which fortunately go less and less unnoticed.

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