Citizenship training is the focus of UNESCO’s education project

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Training young people for Global Citizenship is the focus of a project developed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), in partnership with the Nelson Williams Institute.

In an interview with CNN Radio the director-president of the Nelson Williams Institute, Anne Williams, believes that teaching “must take into account understanding and critical thinking”.

“Students’ emotional skills must be stimulated, so that they work with a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility. All of them are important for the formation of citizenship”, evaluates Williams.

Entitled “Education for Global Citizenship for the Rule of Law: Supporting a Culture of Legality and Respect for Human Rights”, the project will focus on three main axes: culture of legality, the role of education in promoting the rule of law, and reducing of gender inequalities.

For the director-president of the Institute, acting in the area of ​​education in law is not a priority in the Brazilian education system, but it should be. “There is a lack of understanding of what a democratic state is and what the benefits of democracy are for the population, for example,” she says.

According to Anne Williams, “with the formation of citizenship, we would have a more mature society to relate to the system of power. Society becomes more conscious, more just, less violent”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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