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City birthday cake in GO has a photo of the mayor and costs around R$50,000

The mayor of Divinópolis de Goiás (GO) celebrated the city’s birthday, on Tuesday (14), with a 65-meter-long cake filled with photos of himself.

Charley Rodrigues Tolentino (Republicans) selected a sequence of photographs in which he appears at public events to print the cake, which cost the municipal coffers almost R$50,000.

On the Transparency Portal, the CNN located the bidding document, which included three confectionery budgets. The first had a value of R$48,031.00. The second, R$49,779.98, and the third, R$51,183. In the order, the municipality’s contracting agent, Alcilene dos Santos, opted for the lowest proposal.

A CNN contacted the Municipality of Divinópolis de Goiás to find out from the mayor whether, by printing the photographs on the cake celebrating the city’s anniversary, he was not committing self-promotion and possible administrative improbity, but until the publication of this article, there was no response .

Source: CNN Brasil

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