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City Hall washes sidewalks where dogs were allegedly poisoned in Rio

The Municipal Urban Cleaning Company of the City of Rio de Janeiro (Comlurb) carried out an operation last weekend to wash sidewalks and flowerbeds in the Jardim Oceânico region, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro. The place would be the focus of an alleged poisoning of dozens of dogs.

Cleaning was carried out with liquid soap “to eliminate the chemicals that caused the death of some dogs due to poisoning in the area”, according to Comlurb.

The company also reported that it carries out drain cleaning, weeding and sweeping services in the locality.

Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD-RJ) published a video of the cleaning agents’ actions on his social networks this Monday morning (10). He informed that the Rio City Hall’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Support Technology Center “is working on identifying – via cameras – those responsible for this atrocity”.

Dogs with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

In an interview with CNN , veterinarian Andrea Marinho, who works in Barra da Tijuca, reported that animals began to be taken to her office with non-infectious hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. The first cases appeared at the end of May.

According to the specialist, owners reported that symptoms appeared 30 to 40 minutes after the dogs returned from outdoor walks through the neighborhood streets.

Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis is inflammation of the animal’s digestive system. When this inflammation reaches the innermost layer of the organs, there may be desquamation, resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding.

Reported cases

A group of residents appeared, on Monday morning (10), at the Animal Protection Police Station (DPMA), which is investigating possible cases.

According to the latest update from the Civil Police, to date, two people have filed police reports about cases of this type.

Among the victims of the poisoning are actor Cauã Raymond’s two dogs. On his Instagram profile, the actor stated that his dog Shakira remains hospitalized after being poisoned.

“She is recovering, still hospitalized, so let’s think positively so she can get out of this,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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