City of São Paulo wakes up with sunshine, but there should be light rain in the afternoon and at night

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The morning of this Monday (8) started with sunshine among clouds and rising temperature in the city of São Paulo, following the sunny weekend.

According to the Climate Emergencies Management Center (CGE), of the city of São Paulo, during the day the temperature fluctuates between a minimum of 15°C and a maximum that should not exceed the 25°C mark.

Between mid-afternoon and early evening, the increase in cloud cover favors the occurrence of light and isolated rain.

On Tuesday (9), the forecast is that the sky presents greater cloudiness, which prevents a more significant rise in temperatures.

Thermometers range from minimums of 16°C to maximums that should not exceed 22°C.

The propagation of unstable areas causes rains with intensity varying between light and moderate, which should alternate with periods of improvement throughout the day.

Next week there should be an increase in cloud cover and the gradual return of rain conditions, according to CGE forecasts.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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