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Civil Police carry out operation against drug trafficking in SC prisons

The Civil Police of Santa Catarina carried out, this Tuesday morning (9), an operation against a group suspected of trafficking drugs inside and outside prisons in the state.

The operation, called “Operation Black Angel”, aims to fulfill 49 arrest warrants and 44 search and seizure warrants against the association.

According to Adriano Almeida, the delegate responsible for the case, the operation has the support of approximately 200 police officers to carry out the judicial warrants in at least six cities, including Campos Novos, Brusque, Chapecó, Celso Ramos, Joinville and Araquari.

Investigations into the suspected group began at the end of 2022, when the police discovered the association’s activities in the regions mentioned by the delegate.

The Civil Police have not yet released the final results of the operation.

*Under supervision of Carolina Figueiredo

Source: CNN Brasil

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