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Civil Police investigate criminals who allegedly used drones to throw grenades at Rio communities

The Rio de Janeiro Civil Police are investigating the use of drones by drug traffickers from rival factions in the city’s North Zone. According to reports from residents, criminals from the Complexo de Israel, in the Cidade Alta region, which is controlled by the Terceiro Comando Puro (TCP) faction, are using drones to monitor and throw grenades at rival criminals from the Complexo do Quitungo, controlled by the Comando Vermelho (CV).

A video circulating on the internet shows a drone on the roof of a house in Quitungo. On the equipment, you can see a type of white cable or wire that would have been used to hold the grenade during the drone’s flight.

The resident says in the video that bandits from Cidade Alta threw the explosive on the terrace of her house.

“A bandit from Cidade Alta threw a grenade right here inside my house, on my terrace. I have a special needs child, I have three children inside my house, this is cowardly.”

The Civil Police are investigating the case. Delegate Vinicius Miranda, responsible for the Specialized Police Station for Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives (DESARME), told CNN that “it is true that there are videos circulating on social media of possible use of drones as weapons”. Based on this, a police investigation was opened to investigate this fact. And as soon as he became aware of it, an investigation was opened.

In a statement, the State Secretariat of Military Police (SEPM) reported that, according to the command of the 16th BPM, there has not yet been any action taken in the reported case.

On Monday (8), military police officers from the 16th BPM (Olaria) and the Special Operations Command (COE), with support from the Specialized Rescue and Rescue Actions Group (GESAR), carried out an operation to suppress organized crime in the communities of Cinco Bocas, Cidade Alta and Pica-Pau. Several barricades were removed from the streets. The operation ended without arrests or seizures.

Source: CNN Brasil

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