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Clandestine olive oil factory is closed by police in the interior of SP

A clandestine olive oil factory was closed by the Civil Police, this past Friday (17), on the Hondo Japan road, in Jacareí, in the interior of São Paulo. The product was made in a precarious way and without hygienic conditions.

During the action, a 56-year-old man, who introduced himself as the company's manager, was arrested. According to the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), the suspect did not present any business license.

The agents went to the address after collecting information from the Health Surveillance and seized more than 150 units of olive oil. 74,000 labels from different known brands of the product, 24,400 lids, 15,000 cardboard boxes, a notebook, two cell phones and various documents were also confiscated.

According to the SSP, three other people who were at the location were questioned and stated that they had been hired two months ago, without knowledge of the illicit practice.

In a note, the secretariat stated that the case was registered as forgery, corruption or product alteration and the manager was forwarded to the 2nd Police District of Jacareí, where.

*Under the supervision of Felipe Andrade

Source: CNN Brasil

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