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Clara Chia Marti, this is who Piqué’s “Twingo” girlfriend is

A betrayal kept secret for a long time, clues that have slowly become evidence, and then revenge, public, a sign that she (perhaps) still cares about him: the farewell between Shakira And Gerard Piqué is the most talked about of the moment, just as the other is in the spotlight, Clara Chia Marti, the 23-year-old whom the singer defined as «Twingo» and «Casio» in the single Music Session #53, made with Dj Bizarrap.

Model, from Barcelona, ​​Marti would have met Gerard Piqué at Kosmos Global Holding SL, an event company owned by the former footballer. After studying Communication, in fact, the girl started working as a PR at Kosmos. Between them something would have been born immediately, even if it is unclear how long their story has been going on. What is certain is that last summer they were already dating: the Daily Mail published a series of images showing them together at a wedding on the Costa Brava.

At the time, the split between Piqué and Shakira was already official. The news, in fact, arrived on June 4, directly from the singer, who after weeks of rumors and crisis voices confirmed her breakup with her partner, after 11 years of love and two sons, Milan, 7 years, e Sasha, 5.

It is not clear whether Marti was the reason for the end of the story between the two or if there were some contributing factors. According to the The SunHowever, Piqué would have been dating the model for months before the official end of his relationship with the ex, and several people close to them would have helped them keep it a secret. Today that everything is in the light of the sun they seem to be serious: Clara has already been introduced in the family, as told by a series of photos that portray the couple together with his parents, Montserrat Bernabéu and Joan, which are circulating on his social network.

The waters, meanwhile, show no sign of subsiding.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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