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Clarins launches TRUST, the traceability platform

Transparency has always been one of the key values ​​of the house Clarins, right from the «customer card». Conveyed in every product and introduced in 1968, it was a means of creating a communication bridge between customers and the brand, a precursor to today’s CRM. Today, listening to consumers, attention to their needs and the desire to communicate transparently are even more prevalent in the Clarins world, so much so that the cosmetics company has decided to launch an innovative platform called Clarins TRUST: the first traceability system, 100% safe and reliable, guaranteed by Blockchain technology and accessible to all.

Clarins TRUST: what is it

This is a real traceability program that involves brands, suppliers and customers and which will be active in Italy from 20 September. Starting from the batch number of each product, you have access to a series of information relating to:

  • the stages of the production process: where the formulas are produced, date and place of packaging, quality control;
  • the ingredients of plant origin contained in the formula: geographic origin, harvesting method and Clarins certifications associated with sourcing;
  • the “behind the scenes” and the savoir-faire Clarins, with precious testimonies from the Pontoise production unit (France) to find out more about the origin of the formulas and products.

Anyone can access the Clarins TRUST traceability platform through the QR code or directly from the product page, and then follow the different phases of creation, the ingredients, from cultivation to jar.

In terms of traceability and safe use of information, the Blockchains it is the safest technology today. It is a technology used to store and transmit data. It is transparent, secure and does not have a centralized control system. It forms a database that tracks secure exchanges between users, right from the start, and then transmits this information. With the Clarins TRUST platform, the brand exploits its potential by implementing it systematically at every stage of the supply chain, from producer to consumer.

At its debut, the Clarins TRUST platform in Italian includes 50 products and 67 plant extracts, but by the end of 2024 it will include almost 100.

Source: Vanity Fair

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