Clash with unprecedented expressions in the Vatican – “The devil was among us”

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Just three days from exodus sequence for Pope Emeritus Benedict the conflict between progressive and conservative clergy in the Vatican is taking on greater proportions, with Pope Benedict’s decades-long secretary, Archbishop Georg Genswein, launching an open attack on Pope Francis.

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According to a report by Deutsche Welle “First, she accused him of his decision to strictly limit the celebration of the liturgy in Latin broke Benedict’s heart».

It is also reported that his secretary and closest associate, Joseph Ratchinger, added that the Argentine Pope took away a large part of his responsibilities.

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And the Deutsche Welle article continues:

H conflict it is obvious and it is not just a personal matter. After the death of the German pope emeritus, the ultra-conservative wing of the Roman Catholic Church raised their voices significantly, fearing that he may be put on the sidelines for good.

Who will succeed Pope Francis?

They are used unprecedented expressions.

Benedict’s secretary went so far as to declare that “inside the Vatican, in the past, he found that there was the devil, who acted against the honorary pontiff”.

THE Francis, he meaningfully replied that “we must worship God and not false idols who seduce us with prestige and power with the allure of fake news.”

“We meet the Lord in humility and silence,” he characteristically said, “the Pope of the poor.”

In a few days, Joseph Ratzinger’s secretary will present his book entitled “Only the truth, my life next to Pope Benedict”. Further attacks are expected even as high-ranking clerics insist that this confrontation is not really good for anyone.

The main goal of the ultra-traditional wing inside the Vatican is not so much to change the current balances. Many do not even rule out the possibility of reaching a schism, with the conservative wing of the clergy being cut off from the Church of Rome. But the real battleground is the succession of Francisthe choice and identity of the next pontiff, who will emerge from the will and divine enlightenment, as Roman Catholics believe, of the conclave of cardinals.

Source: News Beast

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