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Claudio Santamaria: “I found my home”

And how did he do it?

“Nothing, I used that anger to play my character. I also got married at that time, on the wedding day I still had glue on my face ».

Freaks Out is the first Italian blockbuster.

“I have been lucky enough to participate in several films that have been a watershed in our cinema. The last Kiss by Muccino, which brought the general public closer to Italian cinema. Criminal novel, gangster story all’italiana. They called him Jeeg Robot it made everyone raise their heads, the people of the sector and the public, it made people think: then it is possible to make such a film in Italy. Freaks Out it faces the great international cinema like few others today, with a genre film. Then there are only two genres: beautiful cinema, which goes wherever it pleases, and ugly cinema, which nobody understands ».

Have you ever made bad cinema?

«’A voja».

Do you notice it later?

«Oh no, actually you already know it while you sign the contract, and when you arrive on the set you already think: but why? You’re a fool, you knew that. ‘


«The point is that I started acting from the front door: first audition with Marco Risi, taken immediately. And then Muccino, Bertolucci and all the others. I did some bullshit but I immediately recovered. I said to myself: you can’t work for money, if you do you can’t, you’re a dog. “

Do you happen to see each other again and think: what dog?

“Yes, yes. It happens in those films I didn’t believe in ».

He said he didn’t get many no’s.

«From the first audition I have always told myself that the important thing is to be prepared, then if a no comes, that’s okay. They didn’t take me to the Experimental Center, for example: patience. I went on anyway. Maybe it’s the directors who are more touchy when you say no ».

If they mark it?

“If they don’t.”

Is it blacklisted by many directors?

“But no, then in the end it always stitches up again, in the Italian style.”

How do you get to know the cinema scene from Milan?

«Well, there is no cinema environment …».

It is not true, it exists.

“So let’s say I’ve never been with him much.”

Do you like Milan?

“Very very much. They may sound like banalities, but here everything works well, there is a great civic sense, you ride a bicycle, it is a dynamic, international city, close to Europe. In addition, I live on the Navigli, which is a very romantic area, I go out and there are ducks on the canal… I prefer Rome as a tourist ».

In this house on the Navigli there will be a new baby. Have you wanted it for a long time?

«With Francesca immediately. We had great misfortune (refers to the abortion of 2019, ed) and now a great fortune “.

She had a daughter at 33, now she is 47. What’s the difference?

“Today I’m the grandfather.”

No, dai!

«Sometimes I think: when she is twenty, I will be 67. But it’s just a thought, anyway today I do 60-70 laps in the pool, I have the strength. More seriously, for me and Francesca it is the culmination of a life project. We immediately decided to live together, get married and start a family. For me today to have a son or a daughter with his likeness is a wonderful thing ».

Is the extended family difficult to manage?

«For me it is a multiplication of love. Then I went from a single existence to this one, my life has changed considerably “.

What happened?

“I found who I was looking for, my other half. I found my home. And today it seems to me that that apparent freedom that I had before had no wings, it was a fake freedom. When you have a lot of time, when you have money, when you have a fortune but no one to share it with, it is useless. The other day I was reading the news of Nicolas Cage showing up in a restaurant in Las Vegas drunk and barefoot: this is lack of love. I too used to live without love ».

He had never lived with a woman before. Because?

«Because I didn’t want to, useless to go around it. With Francesca we decided to have a child the day after we met again, as adults, in Policoro. Reviewed because we knew each other as kids. Since that evening we have never left each other, and everything has changed ».

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