Clean corridor for Alexis Tsipras after the SYRIZA polls

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By Niki Zorba

Alexis Tsipras, without a doubt, won the bet of SYRIZA’s internal party processes. Bets, after all, take on the characteristics and stakes of whoever puts them. In this sense, Mr. Tsipras did not hide from the beginning his goal: To register the party with a decent number of members and, above all, to confirm through the process of internal party elections that he has now untied his hands to implement his plan for the next day of SYRIZA.

New K.E.

He himself brought 110,000 new members to the SYRIZA registries, who went to the polls only for the election of a president, that is, to support him. The remaining 40,000 members who participated in the ballot for the election of the Central Committee had registered by March 21st. Mr. Tsipras’s personal votes, therefore, the 110,000 new members. Hence, he, not unjustly, in the last week appears happy that he also won a personal bet. It’s just like that.

The other deputies and executives, moreover, “plowed” their areas of personal interest, giving another personal battle: That of the cross for a seat in the new Central Committee of 300 members.

Where SYRIZA’s new internal party map emerged: a scan of “presidents” and “pasogens”, a predominance of women first, who would be elected high and without the 50-50 quota in their favor, which applied for the first time in anyway unprecedented for SYRIZA internal party process, such as that of Efi Ahtsioglou in Attica.

The election of K.E. from the members of SYRIZA also highlighted the defeat of “Umbrella”, with disapproval in a series of elections of its central executives, prominent of Ev. Tsakalotou. All the central executives of the minority failed to be elected in the top ten. “Bell” obviously from the members of SYRIZA about how they moved within the party level all the previous period, openly questioning the “parliaments” of the party president.

The “thriller”, however, of the Central Committee is not over yet, I say … a quota in favor of enlargement. Commonly, the “cutter” in favor of the allies set out K.E. about 14 executives who in number of votes were significantly superior to those who were finally elected, as a result of which objections have been raised, which are handled by the Central Election Commission. Its president, Elias Nikolakopoulos, already from the day the counting was completed and the list of those elected was published, sent a letter to the president of the party with which grosso modo asks to increase the number of members of the new Central Committee (10-15 places) to relieve the climate.

Koumoundourou maintains that the proposal of Nikolakopoulos by Al. Tsipras “sees it very positively as a promotional proposal”. Opera to be interpreted: At the new meeting of the Central Committee, next Saturday, the enlargement of its members will be announced, with some “supernumeraries”.

Next day

What procedure remains for SYRIZA in order to complete the … modest restart ceremony that its president has pressed? The election of secretary and organs, see Political Council.

A lot of ink has been spilled in the last (many) days about who (or who based on the scenarios) will be the secretary of the Central Committee of the new SYRIZA. In addition to the prevailing scenario to date, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos remains the party secretary, who is credited with a series of crucial procedures (nationwide conference, congress, internal party election), in fact hard internal polarization, at the level of scenarios have been registered as “candidates” Olga Gerovasili and Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou.

The case is in Tsipras’ hands, but his associates point out that −no final discussion has taken place yet.

However, after the completion of the party procedural adventures, next weekend, Tsipras’ plan for the next day is now on track: Utilization of the new “yeast” of thousands of members in order to become “multipliers” of the SYRIZA message (local government, union and .etc.) and preparation of ballots for the national elections. It is uncharted for the time being whether the president of SYRIZA will decide to “reorganize” his sector leaders, although his close associates do not give many chances in a relevant eventuality.

* Republished from the “Chapter” that is circulating

Source: Capital

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