Climate change, at the start of Cop26: “The last chance”

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Almost 200 heads of state and government, 12 days of dialogue and negotiations. Cop26, the UN Conference on Climate Change, under the joint Italian-British presidency, begins today in Glasgow. The fundamental themes will be two: the containment ofrise in temperature global average and the financing from 100 billion to help the poorest countries in the conversion of their economies.

For almost thirty years now the O thirty has created almost all the countries in the world for the global climate summits, called COP, “Conference of the Parties”. In these three decades, climate change, from being a marginal issue, has become a priority. An important step in raising awareness was the 2015 Paris Agreement, signed during Cop21. Then, for the first time, all countries agreed to take the game to raise the global temperature to 1.5 degrees and to mobilize the necessary funds to achieve these goals. Each nation has undertaken to implement a plan with the measure of the reduction of its emissions, the contribution determined at national level or “contribution determined at national level”, to be updated every five years.

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Cop26 in Glasgow will be the occasion for countries to present their plans. But this is considered, by scientists, “the ultimate chance against climate change ”. The Paris commitments, by now, are not enough to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, and the time to reach this goal is about to expire: the nations will have to do much more than they had foreseen, to be able to contain the temperature, e the decade to 2030 will be crucial. They will have to approve even sharper cuts in carbon emissions: a planet 2 degrees warmer, in fact, would make what have so far been considered “exceptional” heat waves up to 14 times more likely each year, doubling drought.

«We are well on our way to catastrophe climate ”, explained UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Scientists are clear on the facts. Now the leaders must be equally clear in their actions, they must come to Glasgow with bold, time-binding plans to reach net zero. ‘

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Another problem is that, compromising the success of the summit, could affect theabsence of heads of state of “major polluters”: Cop26 will miss Chinese president Xi Jinping, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro. In addition, other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia, are asking the UN to minimize the need to quickly abandon fossil fuels. But, explained the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, “we will do everything we can to make the Glasgow Conference a success, because the climate cannot wait”.


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