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Climate protests interrupt play on last hole of golf championship

Protesters rushed the green of the 18th hole of the final round of the PGA Travelers Championship in Cromwell, Connecticut, on Sunday, leaving a powdery substance on the surface of the putting green and delaying play for several minutes.

Footage showed the five protesters wearing shirts saying: “No golf on a dead planet.”

Police quickly removed the protesters, allowing the final group, including leaders Tom Kim and Scottie Scheffler, to finish the hole in a draw and move into a heat.

The pair resumed on the 18th hole and Scheffler won.

He said he and Kim helped stabilize her while police worked quickly.

“You don’t really know what’s going on, you don’t really understand the situation,” Scheffler said in a postgame interview with CBS Sports. “There are people running everywhere and you don’t really know what’s going to happen.”

He praised the police for doing a great job handcuffing and removing protesters.

Kim told reporters it was like a dream, but the moment temporarily took his mind off the importance of making his putt because he was worried about people getting hurt.

In a social media video, officers can be seen fighting three protesters to the ground. Another protester is approached by an officer and drops a bag they were holding. Fans can be heard booing and shouting obscenities at protesters.

A senior PGA Tour spokesperson told CNN that the protesters were “immediately arrested.”

“The dust on the green was removed, resulting in no damage to the 18th hole,” said Joel Schuchmann. “Our thanks to the Cromwell Police Department for their quick and decisive action.”

A CNN contacted law enforcement for more information.

Source: CNN Brasil

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