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ClioMakeUp separates from husband: official confirmation arrives

ClioMakeUp separates from husband Claudio Midolo. “With heavy hearts we announce our separation” reads an official note released by the makeup artist (real name Clio Zammatteo). Note that confirms the rumors and indiscretions that have been circulating for days about a love that has now reached the end of the line.

«Deeply grateful for the union that was, like many, we loved each other, but, like many, we too, after having experienced ups and downs, conflicts and dark moments – which we tried, with mutual commitment, to counteract – we came to a conscious decision, intimately considered and suffered: our personal paths divide, after an eighteen-year long bond, after having built a lot together – despite their young age – first in the United States, then in Italy, and after having seen the birth of our beloved daughters, whose well-being for us, today, constitutes our highest and absolute priority” reads the press release.

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ClioMakeUp, therefore, comes out into the open by sharing with fans a «moment of great vulnerability“. And he does it “also to silence the malicious gossip of some, but above all to reassure the genuine displeasure of others” he explains.

After all, something of her vulnerability had emerged in recent days. And fans had not missed some details that suggested a difficult period. In a video circulating online she appeared in tears, and then alone at a concert. «We are first of all two people, two souls who are facing a crisis, each as they can, each in their own way” we read further in the note, published on the same day in which the decision to separate the two was definitively taken.

And between the lines, the two now exes also underline their desire and the will to continue to “be a family” and to “live our role as parents”. Then asking for respect for this moment of pain, the makeup artist says that she will not release any further statements regarding the separation from her husband. But she leaves fans with a promise: «We have been granted the grace of having generated a lot with the creativity and understanding that have always fueled our relationship: will continuetherefore, our artistic partnership in ClioMakeUpa reality of which we are co-founders, and for which we will try to continue to work with a smile”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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