Clubhouse presented donations – a system of incentives for speakers

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On April 5, 2021, Clubhouse introduced a new monetization feature – Clubhouse Payments. This is the first tool that allows authors to get paid directly in the app. In addition, Clubhouse said that it would not require a commission on payments. This means that the speakers will receive everything that the listeners send them at no additional charge. The press service of the social network announced this in the company’s blog.

In order to send a payment to the Clubhouse, the user needs to open the profile of the author of interest and click the “Send money” button. After that, you need to enter a certain amount of the transfer and confirm the action. It is worth noting that at first the social network will offer to register a credit or debit card in order to continue this operation.

The Clubhouse noted that the speaker will receive absolutely the entire amount of the transfer. And the person who sent the money will be charged a small fee on the card, which will be transferred to Stripe, the payment processing partner of the company.

Clubhouse waived interest on transfer. The press service emphasized that the main goal of the social network is to help authors create a community, audience and influence. And as the app is constantly expanding, it’s important for them to align the social media business model with the speakers to help them make money and excel on the platform.

Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, praised Clubhouse’s actions. He is pleasantly surprised that the new social platform is focused on member income rather than internal monetization and ad distribution.

At the moment, Clubhouse Payments is in testing mode, and therefore not all speakers will be able to receive payments immediately. The press service said that they will wave translations, starting with a small test group, in order to avoid disruptions in the application.

With the new payments feature, Clubhouse aims to stay relevant in the face of other big players like Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn, who are working on their own versions of the audio-room platform.

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