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CNI hands Alckmin an action plan with priorities for the industrial sector

Vice-president Geraldo Alckmin, visited the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) this Tuesday (3rd) and received, from the entity’s president, Robson Braga de Andrade, a document with 14 priority industry proposals for the first 100 days of government (see below).

“The international scenario and the domestic economic context recommend that Brazilian industry offer ways to the elected president and vice president, so that the new government can adopt, as quickly as possible, the necessary measures to reindustrialize Brazil. Only then will our country be able to resume the path of sustainable and inclusive development”, said Andrade.

Alckmin takes office as Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC) this Wednesday (4). According to Andrade, in a two-hour conversation with the vice president, he pointed out as priorities the implementation of a modern industrial policy aimed at energy transition to a low carbon economy, tax reform, stimulus to innovation and recreation of the system financing, export guarantees and investments in innovation.

The president of the CNI also said that he had made available to the ministry the so-called Observatório Nacional da Indústria, a large data center on the national industry created in 2022 which, according to the CNI, concentrates 209 bases in a single place “to provide strategic intelligence for the entire complex Brazilian industrial ecosystem”.

Check out the 14 priority proposals listed by the CNI for the resumption of the industry:

1. Implement an industrial policy
Build and implement a modern industrial policy that adheres to the current scenario and best international practices, formulating missions to accelerate the solution of collective problems, based on the Industry Resumption Plan to be presented by the CNI.

2. Approve the tax reform
Prioritize the approval of the reform of taxation on consumption, in progress in the National Congress (PEC 110).

3. Stimulate investment through accelerated depreciation
Edit rule to authorize the accelerated depreciation of capital goods in the calculation of IRPJ and CSLL to stimulate investment.

4. Stimulate innovation
Improve current research, development and innovation (RD&I) incentive mechanisms and provide the necessary funding.

5. Recreate the export financing and guarantee system
Recreate, on new bases, the Official Export Financing and Guarantee System, bringing it closer to international rules and standards, with strong support and ballast in the BNDES and ensuring the necessary budgetary resources.

6. Elaborate the NDC and create the carbon market
Elaborate and clearly communicate the specific measures to be taken for the implementation of the Brazilian Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and approve the basic law to regulate the Carbon Market in Brazil.

7. Authorize the automatic compensation of tax credits and revitalize Reintegra
Edit rule that authorizes the compensation, automatically and on a current basis, of credits
taxes arising from exports and, while this rule is not implemented, raise the REINTEGRA rate to 3% in 2023 and 7.4% in 2024.

8. Establish BNDES as a promoter of reindustrialization and increased productivity
Prioritize the BNDES’ role as a promoter of industrial modernization and increased productivity in the country, through innovation, foreign trade and a low-carbon economy.

9. Continue Brazil’s accession to the OECD
Continue with the efforts for Brazil’s accession to the OECD and create a governmental structure to support the process, which counts on the collaboration and active participation of society and the private sector.

10. Promote deconcentration and competition in the natural gas market
Promote deconcentration and competition in the natural gas market through regulation for negotiated and non-discriminatory access to essential natural gas infrastructure, the Gas Release program and harmonization of state regulations.

11. Accelerate Brazil’s international integration
Accelerate Brazil’s international integration based on a comprehensive negotiating agenda and having as a priority the conclusion and internalization of the Mercosur-European Union agreement, without reopening negotiations.

12. Extend the deadline for paying federal taxes
Edit and approve a bill or provisional measure to extend the deadline for payment of federal taxes (PIS/Cofins, IPI, FGTS, INSS and IRPJ/CSLL).

13. Modernize environmental licensing
Modernize environmental licensing to ensure that this instrument not only promotes environmental conservation, but also ensures the conditions for socioeconomic development.

14. Guarantee INPI’s financial autonomy
Edit rule to transform the INPI into an Agency, in order to guarantee its financial autonomy and ensure the modernization of its procedures, based on international standards and good practices.

*Posted by Ana Carolina Nunes

Source: CNN Brasil

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