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CNN Brasil celebrates 4 years and brings together authorities, businesspeople and talent

Authorities, personalities from the private sector and talents from the CNN Brazil will be meeting this Monday (18), in São Paulo, to celebrate the station's 4 years on air. The reception will be hosted by the Executive President (Chairman) and partner of the CNN Brazil João Camargo, alongside businessman Rubens Menin, also controller of CNN Brazil .

On the screen CNN , the celebrations began on the 15th, the anniversary of the channel's debut. Commemorative videos showing the importance of employees are already on air. The edition of CNN Prime Time this Monday (18) will show details of the dinner and will also present the new positioning campaign and the brand's new signature, which changed the scenario of the “hard news” market in Brazil.

“A CNN Brazil is proud to have built a new level for news channels in the country, starting from its debut in March 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic”, says João Camargo. The arrival of the broadcaster, now elevated to multiplatform status, corroborated the appreciation of professional journalism and motivated investments in the news segment of the local market.

This Monday's celebration will be attended by professionals from the CNN in the United States, who came to the country to attend the ceremony. In addition to Shasta Darlington, who arrived in Brazil more than ten years ago as a correspondent for CNN and today works as a consultant for the Brazilian broadcaster, Phil Nelson (Executive VP at CNN International Commercial), Sebastian Laver (Senior Director of CNN International Commercial), Samson Desta (VP News Operation at CNN ) and matrix correspondent Gary Tuchman.

In addition to Menin, founder of CNN Brazil , the company's Board will be represented by Maria Fernanda Menin, Rodrigo Resende, Nicola Calicchio, Leonardo Corrêa and Arnoldo Wald. Vice Presidents of CNN Brazil directors and multiplatform talent will also be present.

Source: CNN Brasil

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