CNN Brasil innovates among news channels and enters the world of the metaverse

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A CNN Brazil is preparing to launch, in the first half of 2022, a project in the metaverse, which allows users to live and carry out activities in a fully virtual environment, and which has recently gained strength with the announcement of the social network Facebook that it is preparing a strong investment in revolutionary technology.

At the head of the channel’s initiative is the presenter and technology specialist from CNN, Rita Wu.

The idea came about when Rita announced that she will get married in the metaverse. It will be Latin America’s first wedding in virtual reality and will take place at Decentraland, one of the largest and most recognized metaverses on the planet today.

The ceremony will mark the union with André Mertens, who also works with digital technologies. The event, with an almost unlimited number of guests, will be held in the second half of February.

“The idea is to make the whole wedding process fun to learn and propose different things. In addition, we have friends in various parts of the world and, in this way, we can meet everyone in the same environment and time”, says Rita.

The creation, development and execution of the virtual ceremony will be accompanied by the digital team of CNN Brasil, which will produce a webseries that will show the backstage of the preparation of an event in the metaverse, as well as the coverage of the wedding and the countless possibilities that virtual reality brings as innovations.

The production will be another launch of the CNN Soft, the content arm of CNN for information and entertainment.

“With the pandemic, the virtual became more powerful and facilitated conversations so that people could interact in different ways. In addition, the metaverse is an environment to bring people together, almost without limits, facilitating the realization of the most diverse shows and social events”, says Rita.

She cites as an example the virtual show of the American rapper Travis Scott at Fortnite, in 2020, watched by 14 million fans.

It is also already in the production phase by the CNN Soft a series in “metacast”, which are podcasts published in the virtual universe.

O metacast da CNN, with eight episodes, will still be available on traditional audio platforms.

The objective of the production is to explain in a didactic way what the metaverse is, what perspectives the new technology will bring to humanity, and to unveil the impacts not only on people’s daily lives, but also on the business world.

Rita Wu’s wedding is an example of what can be done within a metaverse. Many companies already do gaming actions, because it’s important for brands to be where the public is.

In addition to events and other specific activities, companies also sell their virtual products, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, land, houses and vehicles, and many of these items that are collectibles can reach outrageous prices.

The presenter considers metaverse a perfect environment for the couple.

“We wanted guests to have a unique, innovative and most of all fun experience. From choosing the location, to how the guests will be represented, it’s a creative exercise that we’re enjoying doing”, he says.

The bride and groom will order clothes from a real-world stylist and all expenses, less than if it were for a wedding in physical reality, will be paid for with cryptocurrencies, which is how financial transactions take place within metaverses.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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