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CNN Brasil will have a special program about Super Tuesday in the USA

On the day that the attention in the United States turn to the caucuses in more than ten decisive states to define the candidates of the Democratic and Republican Parties for the White House, the CNN Brazil presents the program “America Decides “, from 11pm, with complete coverage of the developments of this Super Tuesday (5).

Presented by the anchor Raquel Landim the program will bring together the most important information from the North American primaries, with analyzes by senior international correspondent Américo Martins, analyst Lourival Sant'anna and the new international analyst at CNN Brazil Fernanda Magnotta.

O “America Decides ” will also present the latest information from the Super Tuesday previews, straight from the United States, with the participation of the correspondent from CNN Brazil in the country, Mariana Janjácomo.

This Tuesday's previews are considered a decisive moment for the current president's ambitions, Joe Biden and the former president donald trump in the search for support from their parties for the North American presidential elections to be held in November.

In addition to the special TV program, the multiplatform coverage of CNN Brazil features interviews, articles, analyzes and the main information about the electoral race in the United States on the page “América Decide“, on the website cnnbrasil.com.br.

America Decides

  • When: Tuesday (5), at 11pm

Source: CNN Brasil

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