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CNN Brasil’s unprecedented series brings the front line of the war in Ukraine

The senior correspondent for CNN Brazil , Américo Martins traveled through Ukraine at a crucial stage of the country’s war. The disputes currently taking place on the battlefield will determine the future of Europe, global geopolitics and even the way wars will be fought from now on.

The result is five new reports from CNN Brazil in the series “Ukraine: the future of war”, which airs on CNN Prime Time from Monday (9) to Friday (14) and an exclusive documentary, which will be shown this Saturday (15) at 10:45 pm and Sunday (16), at 11:15 pm.

What are the stories behind the war against Russia, which continues to claim victims, change routines and alter the daily lives of the civilian population and military personnel? Américo brings these answers after traveling thousands of kilometers overland, in various regions of Ukraine. He visited the main Ukrainian cities, went to completely destroyed villages, reported from the front line and interviewed Brazilians fighting for Ukraine. One of them tells how he was injured and how he feels when he sees that he killed fighters from the other side. President Volodymyr Zelensky also speaks in reports about the conflict.

The exclusive material addresses the challenges the country faces and proposes important reflections on the technology behind the attacks. How is it possible for the Ukrainian army to resist the threat of a nuclear power? Why has the use of drones changed the shape of the conflict against Russia? How did the Ukrainian Navy, without a single warship, manage to sink several vessels from the powerful Russian armada?

In the midst of a devastated country, with regions in extremely critical situations, life in Ukraine goes on. The country lives with suffering and fatigue. Normality tries to establish itself at times, and it is possible to identify traces of “resilience” when members of the Odessa Opera perform to a small audience while air raid alarms can ring at any moment. Or even in almost picturesque scenes that the CNN team recorded on the streets of Odessa: a digital influencer poses and graces behind our correspondent amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty. And resilience, at this point, is a Ukrainian strategy: pursuing normality is one of the ways to make them stronger in the face of the Russian threat.

On the other hand, the population stays connected with notifications on applications such as “Air Alert”, funded by the government to warn when Russian missiles threaten to hit certain regions, and volunteers prepare dishes for soldiers at the front. The “Borsch for Ukraine” project is more than an initiative with a purpose. It is the union of volunteers who dedicate their time to feed thousands of soldiers who remain on the front line of a battle that is far from over.


Special series “Ukraine: the future of war”
From June 10th to 14th, on CNN “Prime Time”, from 8pm
Documentary “Ukraine: the future of war”
Saturday, June 15th, at 10:45 pm and Sunday, 16th, at 11:15 pm

Source: CNN Brasil

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