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CNN Vital Signs becomes daily from March

Starting in March, the CNN Vital Signs takes on a new format with daily insertions in the CNN Brazil . The new version of the program will be on the air from March 13th.

Presented by the cardiologist Roberto Kalil director of Instituto do Coração (InCor) and Hospital Sírio-Libanês, the program continues to highlight relevant issues in public health, such as the impacts of diseases, preventive measures, innovative treatments, in addition to the backstage of the routine of health professionals.

In an interview with CNN this Friday (27), Kalil commented on the main changes in the attraction.

“The programs will start on March 13th. Every Saturday at 7:15 pm and will rerun on Sunday, the full format. I will introduce each program to the subject that will be discussed and call attention to some statistical data in relation to that disease or subject within the program”, he says.

According to Kalil, the health themes of each edition will be detailed along three daily editions along the programming of the CNN .

The objective of the program is to transmit knowledge and show the backstage of the treatment, of the situation of the health professional, a real reality. The important thing is to bring the viewer into the program, for him to feel part of the medical team, the nursing team

Roberto Kalil, host of CNN Vital Signs

Meanwhile, it is possible to follow the reruns of the CNN Vital Signs . This Saturday (28), the program reveals the step by step of a transplant in Brazil.

Brazil has one of the largest public transplant systems on the planet, with 88% of procedures financed by the Unified Health System (SUS). In absolute numbers, Brazil is the second largest transplanter in the world, behind only the United States.

Patients receive comprehensive and free assistance, including preparatory exams, surgery, follow-up and post-transplant medication, through the public health network.

The full episodes of CNN Vital Signs are available on the CNN Brazil on Youtube (watch).

Source: CNN Brasil

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