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CNN Vital Signs presents advances in breast cancer treatment

CNN Vital Signs presents advances in breast cancer treatment

THE world cancer day celebrated this Saturday (4), promotes awareness about the disease, in addition to influencing governments and individuals to mobilize for cancer control.

In this week, the CNN Vital Signs discusses ways to cure breast cancer. According to the Brazilian Society of Mastology, Brazil records about 60,000 cases of the disease each year.

The replay of the program presented by the cardiologist Roberto Kalil airs this Saturday (4), at 7:15 pm.

Breast cancer is caused by the uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells, which forms a tumor with the potential to invade other organs.

There are several types of breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute (Inca). Some have rapid development, while others grow slowly. Most cases, when treated properly and in a timely manner, have a good prognosis.

The genetic changes that increase the risk of breast cancer can be passed down from parents to children. However, the frequency of mutations that may favor the onset of the disease in the general population is low. About 10% of breast cancer cases are genetic in origin. The other 90% of cases do not have a direct factor.

For people who have a family history of breast cancer, genetic screening may be indicated. The test is not offered by the Unified Health System (SUS) and costs around R$ 2,000 in the private network.

“We need greater awareness that early detection saves lives. And it will bring savings to the government that does not have to spend on hospitalization and chemotherapy”, said geneticist Maria Isabel Achatz, from Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo.

importance of mammography

This Sunday (5), National Mammography Day is celebrated. The date aims to draw attention to the importance of radiography for the early detection of changes in the breasts.

According to Inca, cancer is, most of the time, discovered by chance, without the need for a specific technique to be taught to perform the self-examination.

The Ministry of Health recommends performing a mammogram as a screening method for breast cancer, that is, a routine exam, for women with no signs and symptoms in the age group of 50 to 69 years, every two years.

mastectomy surgery

The team of CNN accompanied the surgery of a patient who decided to undergo preventive bilateral mastectomy, which consists of removing tissue from both breasts. At age 36, the patient made the decision after her father was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did the same procedure as actress Angelina Jolie.

According to doctor Antonio Carlos Buzaid, director of the Oncology and Hematology Center at the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital in São Paulo, factors such as late menopause, alcohol consumption and unbalanced diet favor the onset of the disease.

“There is a direct correlation between the size of the breast tumor and the person’s risk of dying from that breast cancer. The smaller, the earlier you detect it, the greater the chances of cure”, said Antonio (see interview in the video above ).

On the other hand, breastfeeding is considered a protective factor against breast cancer. “Tissue that has not been pregnant is more susceptible to environmental changes and giving rise to tumors,” explained oncologist Antônio Frasson, head of the Breast Group/Oncology Center at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo.

Source: CNN Brasil