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Coachella: Ludmilla says “Brasil do Brasil” catchphrase during show

When performing on the stage of Coachella this Sunday (14) in the United States, Ludmilla he released a catchphrase already known to Brazilians who follow BBB 24.

During the song “Maldivas”, in which his wife Brunna Gonçalves participates and dances, Ludmilla said “It’s Brazil’s Brazil” when seeing the dancer on stage.

As is customary, Brunna sang one of the verses of the song and the two kissed afterwards. Fans recorded the video of the moment and posted it on social media:

Ludmilla performed on the main stage of the festival and returns next Sunday, at the same time, at 6:50 pm, to perform a second show.

The catchphrase “Brasil do Brasil” became known after being repeated incessantly by Beatriz Reis inside the BBB 24 house.

Long before joining the program, Beatriz already used this catchphrase in her videos. Despite having already worked as a saleswoman, the sister used to promote stores in Brás, a neighborhood in São Paulo that has a large clothing trade.

Just like in the videos, within the program the participant created the habit of referring to good and popular things as “It’s Brazil from Brazil”. However, upon realizing that this had become her catchphrase, Bia started using it even during fights.

Source: CNN Brasil

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