Coco-Mat: Ships 10,000 wooden bikes to Colombia and steps into primary sector

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By George Lampiris

An agreement for the construction of 10,000 wooden bicycles with the know-how of Coco-Mat, on Colombian soil, was made by the Greek company with the municipality of Medellin in Colombia. According to the head of Coco-Mat, Paul Eumorphides, the order concerns the construction of the characteristic wooden bicycles with which Coco-Mat has become famous, both on Greek soil and abroad. In essence, the company of the Eumorphides brothers is called upon to fulfill this order, transferring essentially all the knowledge it has about this product to Colombia, where all production will be set up. The wood will come from this country, as the cost of transporting and shipping such a large number of bicycles to the Latin American country would significantly increase the cost. At the same time, the wheels of the specific bicycles will be created by a Greek production factory based in Karditsa.

It should be noted that the municipality of Medellin maintains under its roof all public services and utilities, being essentially a strong public interest financial institution. The municipality will be the one to pay the full price for the construction of Coco-mat bicycles. The total of 10,000 bicycles will be donated by the municipality of Medellin to students for their travels.

Retail price 1,700 per bicycle

Under normal circumstances the cost per bike at a retail price is 1,700 euros each. In this case, however, the final cost per piece will not be the same, as the production will take place in Colombia under the guidance and guidance of the people of Coco-Mat.

The entry of the Eumorphides family in the primary production

At the same time, the Eumorphides family recently set up a new company, which is called Coco-Mat Farms and is headquartered in Monemvasia. This company is headed by Dimitris Eumorphides, son of Michalis Eumorphides, one of the two brothers and founders of Coco-Mat. In a communication that had with Michalis Eumorphides, he stated that the goal is the production and standardization of extra virgin olive oil, which will come from the organic olive groves of a total area of ​​60 acres that the Eumorphides family has acquired in Monemvasia. At the same time, as he says, the purchase of another area of ​​100 acres in the same area has already been made, in order to plant trees for the production of citrus.

“From September we will start selling our own organic olive oil, honey, mountain tea, oregano and until the end we will expand to several standard products from almost all of them from the region of Monemvasia. Our goal is to create in 2023 “It is an effort completely independent of the existing activities of Coco-Mat and in essence it is the prelude for the younger generation of the family”, Mr. Eumorphides points out. Coco-Mat Farms is aiming for the complete verticalization of its production processes within the next two years, as the entrepreneur states.


Source: Capital

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