Coffee and croissant waiting for Sally Rooney’s latest book

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In England, book releases are on the rise. When I moved to live in London almost 3 years ago, I witnessed the release of Will, it follows from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, with events going on for a week. Same thing for every book by JK Rowling.

The same thing is happening for Beautiful world, where are you, the latest book by the young best-selling author Sally Rooney to be released on 7 September. Great expectation then after Ordinary people, which has become an editorial case also thanks to the boom in ratings on the BBC for the mini-series that was taken from it (streamed more than 62 million times only on BBC iPlayer) and which has won three Emmys, Oscars for television.

The story of the two students, Marianne and Connell, has so far sold more than three million copies worldwide, has been praised by all, (even by Barack Obama), and has been translated into 46 languages.

His debut, Talk about it with friends, the story of two best friends and the relationship with an older married man, came out 2 years ago, and already Rooney was surrounded by cult status. “Salinger for the Snapchat Generation” is how she was presented to the world.

For the latest novel to come out, Faber publishing house is opening a pop-up shop in Shoreditch where, from 10 to 12 September, copies of the novel and its previous works will be sold, as well as a selection of readings recommended by the author. In addition to book sales, the space will host workshops, book clubs and daily events, including a calligraphy class. Waterstones Piccadilly instead will host a big event with the author the night before the release of her book, with the reading of an excerpt. Finally, several independent bookstores will also offer coffee and croissants for those arriving early in the morning!

But what are you talking about in your latest novel?

Alice, a writer, meets Felix, who works in a distribution warehouse, and asks him if he would like to travel to Rome with her. In Dublin, her best friend Eileen is going through a breakup and returns to flirt with Simon, a man she has known since childhood. Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon are still young, but life is catching up with them. They desire each other, they delude themselves, they unite, they separate. They have sex, they care about sex, they care about their friendships and the world they live in. Are they in the last lit room before dark, witnessing something? Will they find a way to believe in a wonderful world?

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