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Coinbase crashes again

The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has again encountered a technical glitch. It caused delays in trading transactions and also caused some clients to erroneously display a zero balance.

On March 4, 2024, Coinbase support reported a software outage. Users complained about the long processing time for transactions and other operations. Moreover, for some clients, available funds no longer appear in the “balance” column and instead a zero value appears.

Exchange representatives assured clients that all assets were safe and the problems would be resolved soon. It took specialists several hours to restore work. The developers have released a fix that is designed to stabilize the situation.

It is worth noting that on February 28, 2024, users of the cryptocurrency exchange encountered similar problems. Last time, it took the company’s developers 12 hours to fix technical problems.

The Coinbase team said the technical glitch was related to increased traffic, the volume of which has skyrocketed amid Bitcoin's rally. On March 5, 2024, the first cryptocurrency tested the level of $68,500, very close to the historical maximum.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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