The largest American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that today, on Thursday, August 31, it adds support for the new stablecoin of the PayPal payment service PYUSD.

It is specified that the exchange will add “experimental pairs” with PYUSD – certain assets will be traded with the PayPal stablecoin, mainly recently added to the site, as well as assets with a low trading volume. If certain requirements are met, the pair will be removed from the label “experimental”.

“Trading will begin at 9 a.m. PT on August 31 if liquidity requirements are met. As soon as a sufficient amount of the asset is accumulated, phased trading of various pairs will begin. Support for PYUSD may be limited in some jurisdictions,” the exchange said in an official statement.

One of the largest payment companies in the world, PayPal, introduced its dollar-pegged stablecoin PYUSD back in early August. Now the capitalization of the token reaches $43 million and, according to the analytical company Nansen, the stablecoin has faced a lack of interest from the public.