CoinEx Smart Chain Global Hackathon Prepares $ 300,000 Prize Pool for Outstanding Projects

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The CSC Global Hackathon is hosted by the CoinEx team and ViaBTC Capital. The first round is available on the DoraHacks platform for global developers.

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) ( is a decentralized and highly efficient public network created by the CoinEx public chain team for decentralized finance. Striving to be the next generation blockchain, CSC is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, has high efficiency, low gas fees and free staking for validators.

ViaBTC Capital ( is a ViaBTC Group fund that specializes in investing in dApps with Web3.0, Layer2 and DeFi, NFT or DAO elements. Building on ViaBTC Group’s cutting edge industry strengths, solid technical capabilities, and rich industry resources, ViaBTC Capital aims to become one of the most preferred start-up and innovative venture funds in the blockchain world.

CSC has prepared a total prize pool of $ 300,000 for the hackathon: $ 100,000 main prize and $ 200,000 jury prize. In addition, ViaBTC Capital has created a seed fund to help high-quality projects grow further in the CoinEx Smart Chain ecosystem. The goal of the hackathon is to test the creation of DeFi applications, NFT games, the metaverse and other next generation blockchain gaming products, as well as the creation of Web 3 tech stack projects on CSC. Please check out the list of ideas for the hackathon: (Github link:)

Throughout the hackathon, CSC will host a variety of application-related events such as AMA, press releases and interactive marketing to help candidates win more prizes and gain community attention. At the same time, the CSC team will also provide maximum technical support in development!

CSC prepared:

1. Prize Pool of $ 300,000: Includes $ 100,000 Grand Prize and $ 200,000 Jury Prize.

2. ViaBTC Capital Seed Fund: ViaBTC will provide investments for promising projects.

3. Strategic investments of the CSC Foundation: investments from $ 200,000 for promising projects.

4. Jury: we invite experts from renowned funds in the industry, they will also bring huge investment opportunities to your projects.

5. Technical Support: We will support you in developing your CSC projects and provide guidance throughout the process.

6. Media Promotion: Each project will receive media support in the CoinEx ecosystem, including AMA events, press releases, social media posts, and more.

7. Possibility of free listing on the CoinEx exchange.


Registration starts: September 15

Pickup: 03:00 September 15th – December 10th (MSK)

Voting: 03:00 September 15 – December 13 (MSK)

Hackathon end: 03:00 December 13 (MSK)

Grace period: December 13 – December 15

What projects can count on a grant?

All projects based on EVM contracts or aimed at developing applications for CSC can apply for a grant. We welcome all projects including: DEX, loan products, yield aggregators, DEX aggregators, synthetic assets, insurance, stablecoins, NFTs, games, etc. Please see the detailed list:

We invite CSC ecosystem development teams, public chain development teams and all blockchain developers, experienced or newbies interested in CSC, to apply for a grant.

How do I apply for a grant?

1. Before applying, please make sure your wallet is connected to the CSC mainnet. For Metamask configuration, please refer to:
The configuration information looks like this:
chainID: 52
symbol: CET

2. Go to and click on the CoinEx Smart Chain Global Hackathon to apply for the first round of grants (new users need to register first).

3. To avoid fake projects participating in the event and sharing the prize pool, please contact DoraHacks on Telegram (@hackerlinkofficial) to authenticate the project

4. During the hackathon, we will conduct several rounds of demo projects. Early projects will attract more attention, voices, and funding opportunities.

5. Following the round of grants, there is a 48-hour grace period to prevent cyberattacks and announce voting results. During this period, project teams need to contact HackerLink to verify the authenticity of each project. Upon completion, community donations and prize money can be used.

Prize pool structure

Each vote will have weight in the allocation of funding. And the award for an applied project consists of three parts:

1. Individual donations: community users will vote for interesting and potential Hacker projects. The number of votes is unlimited and the CET will be transferred to the project voted for after the event.

2. Prize fund in the amount of $ 100,000: the prize fund will be distributed between projects depending on the popularity

3. Prize fund of the jury in the amount of $ 200,000: the prize fund will be distributed among projects in accordance with the number of votes.

Information about CSC


Сайт CoinEx Smart Chain:


Developer Documentation:

Test coin faucet:

Apply for $ 10M CSC Support:



You are ready? Go!

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