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Cold front could cause record minimum temperatures in Central-South Brazil

Sunday (26) may have record minimum temperatures in the states of Central-South Brazil. Humid winds from the sea contribute to the maintenance of areas of instability in the southwest.

There is a chance of rain at any time of the day in the southern half of São Paulo, southern Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

In São Paulo, the maximum forecast for Sunday is 18ºC, with a minimum of 14ºC. According to Climatempo, in the capital of São Paulo, the record average minimum temperature is 14.2ºC on April 19th.

According to the forecast, the record could also happen at the maximum average, the lowest in 2024 was on March 23, when the thermometers did not exceed 19.1ºC.

Still in the capital of São Paulo, there is the possibility of rain showers with lightning and gusts of winds between 51km/h and 70km/h. The same goes for the region of Campinas and Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of the state. On the North Coast, winds can reach 90km/h.

Rio de Janeiro has no forecast for records, but it will also have a Sunday with closed weather. Thermometers should not exceed 24ºC, while the minimum temperature should be 19ºC. Wind gusts of up to 90km/h are also forecast.

In the South region, there is a forecast of frost in Campanha Gaúcha and the Rio Grande do Sul mountain range, in addition to the Santa Catarina mountain range and southern Paraná. The capital of Paraná is one of those that could have record cold temperatures this weekend, with temperatures below 10ºC. In Porto Alegre, Sunday will have a minimum of 9ºC and a maximum of 16ºC.

Despite the low temperature, there is no rain forecast in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. The weather also remains firm in the Center-West of Santa Catarina and in the southwest of Paraná.

On the coast of Paraná and in the northeast of Santa Catarina, there may be isolated rain. In other areas, sunny forecast among clouds with little chance of rain.

*Under the supervision of Guilherme Niero

Source: CNN Brasil

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