Coldplay takes the drums of Direito da USP to participate in a show at Morumbi; watch

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Coldplay took, this Saturday (18), the drums from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo (USP) to play the song “Biutyful”, in their last performance after a series of shows at the Morumbi stadium.

Chris Martin, lead singer of the band, had met the group on Sunday (12) at Campo do XI, located near Ibirapuera Park, in the south zone of São Paulo. He was accompanied by Phil Harvey, his artistic director.

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At the time, Kauê Oliveira, master of the São Francisco Instrument Battery (BAISF), said that it was hard to believe what was happening at the time.

“It was crazy. We were finishing the rehearsal and a guy came to talk to me. I even got scared. I thought he was going to complain about something and he said ‘look, I’ve got the lead singer from Coldplay here, he wanted to hear you play a little bit, would you?’”.

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“I said ‘guys, I think Coldplay are here’. When I said that and the words came out of my mouth, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t understand anything, I couldn’t reason and I only really understood when Chris got out of the car and went there to see us”, he explains.

Oliveira reports that the artist talked to the students, mentioned that he heard the drums in Ibirapuera Park and decided to look for where the sound was coming from, since he was very curious and would like to see BAISF play.

“We played for him for a few minutes, he watched, did a little dance and congratulated us. He said it was really cool and asked a little bit about us,” he said.

The world tour “Music Of The Spheres” now goes to Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro, which are sold out.

(*Published by Douglas Porto with information from Gabriele Koga, from CNN)

Source: CNN Brasil

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