Cole Sprouse responds to jealous fans by posting new photos of Ariane Fournier

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If you were wondering where the relationship between Cole Sprouse and Ariane Fournier was, then the answer is only one: it’s going well. A few days ago, on the profile Instagram of the actor, the first shot of his girlfriend appeared. A gesture that sounds so much official to us …

The protagonist of Riverdale, who as we know has a great passion for photography, posted a portrait of the model freely inspired by the famous film by Alfred Hitchcock, Birds. But what Ariane Fournier was his new muse it was clear from a whole series of photographs taken in recent months … Look how beautiful:

Unfortunately, the post was immediately flooded with negative comments from some followers convinced they can have their say on the private life of Cole Sprouse (but are we serious?). He, who knows his fan base very well, in response has published a ‘Instagram story halfway between a tease and a reprimand and, to the timeline, he added another photo of his girlfriend:

“Just to annoy the fourteen-year-olds again,” he wrote piqued. It is not the first time that the actor has to defend himself from criticism and defend his relationship. It had already happened at the time of the first break up with Lili Reinhart (even there, he certainly hadn’t sent them to say) and it will happen again with any other girl who might be at his side. Let’s repeat it in chorus: famous people are people with lives, tastes, feelings and emotions that no one has the right to question. We are on his side and we are happy that Cole Sprouse has his say so sincerely and directly.

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